A Report from General Assembly, Part 6

The Committee on Home Missions and Church Extension (CHMCE) exists to help the presbyteries and congregations of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church start new Presbyterian and Reformed congregations throughout the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean.  Church plants start in presbyteries and local congregations, and the Committee exists to serve and support the labors of these regional and local churches.  In 2016, five new church plants celebrated the arrival of organizing pastors and the start of denominational aid.  New church works are in need of prayer and support.  

The following thirty-four mission works were provided with financial assistance from CHMCE during 2016:

Central Pennsylvania:  Chambersburg, Pennsylvania (Joshua L. McKamy)

Central United States:  Tula, Oklahoma (Jim G. Stevenson)

Connecticut & Southern New York:  Queens, New York (Jonathan W. Shishko)

Dakotas:  Lander, Wyoming (Philip B. Strong)

Michigan & Ontario: Grand Rapids, Michigan (Mika D. Edmondson)

Mid-Atlantic:  Gaithersburg, Maryland (Ron L. Bebout)

Midwest:  Andover, Minnesota (James T. Hoekstra)

Chicago, Illinois (John H. Ro)

Eau Claire, Wisconsin (Kim M. Kuhfuss)

Oshkosh, Wisconsin (Robert T. Holda)

St. Louis, Missouri (Paul A. Mourrreale)

New Jersey:  Ponce, Puerto Rico (Carlos M. Cruz)

New York & New England:  West Lebanon, New Hampshire (Timothy G. Herndon)

N. Calif. & Nevada:  Morgan Hill, California (Tony L. Garbarino)

Northwest:  Coeur d’Alene, Idaho (David G. Graves)

Ohio:  Cincinnati, Ohio (Christopher A. Malamisuro)

Huron, Ohio (Lawrence B. Oldaker)

Mount Vernon, Ohio (Jeremy Logan)

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Thomas G. Albaugh)

Springfield, Ohio (Bradley M. Peppo)

South:  Birmingham, Alabama (Mark D. Soud)

Key West, Florida (William V. Welzien)

Naples, Florida (Eric R. Hausler)

Southeast:  Neon, Kentucky (M. Jay Bennett)

Royston, Georgia (Michael L. Myers)

Virginia Beach, Virginia (Lowell Ivey)

Southern Calif.:  Anaheim Hills, California (Christopher D. Hartshorn)

Capistrano Beach, California (Jonathan B. Moersch)

Carson, California (Joshua P. Lyon)

Corona, California (Matthew S. Prather)

Cottonwood, Arizona (Brian D. Chang)

Southwest:  Austin, Texas (James J. Cassidy)

Houston, Texas (Robert S. Arendale)

San Antonio, Texas (Andrew T. Moody)

It is a blessing for me that I have had the privilege of meeting several of these Pastors and have been able to visit with them about their congregations.  In additions to this I have had the opportunity to worship in two of these congregations.  Of course, Grace Reformed Fellowship in Lander, WY where we came from, and this past June in Chicago with Pastor John Ro.  Please keep both congregations in prayer as the Lander Church has to find a new location to meet in by the end of the summer and the congregation in Chicago as they struggle transient members such as students who move in and out of the area.

At the end of 2016 there were one part-time and nine full-time regional home missionaries (RHM) in our Presbyteries.

The Rev. DeLacy A. Andrews, Jr.  — Presbytery of the Southeast

The Rev. James L. Bosgraf — Presbytery of the Midwest

The Rev. David A. Crum — Presbytery of Southern California

The Rev. Stephen D. Doe – Presbytery of the Mid-Atlantic

The Rev. David R. Holmlund — Presbytery of Philadelphia

The Rev. Glenn D. Jerrell — Presbytery of Michigan and Ontario

The Rev. Lawrence B. Oldaker— Presbytery of Ohio

The Rev. William Shishko — Presbytey of Connecticut and Southern New York

The Rev. G. Mark Sumpter — Presbytery of the Southwest.

Ruling Elder Christian H. Walmer II — part-time, Presbytery of Central Pennsylvania.

As we pray that God’s kingdom would expand and that more and more Presbyterian and Reformed Churches may be planted, let us keep these congregations and RHM’s in our prayers.