Your Sabbath Destination 

This is our first Friday of the month look at one of the booklets that are provided by The Committee on Christian Education (CCE) of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.

Today’s booklet is, Your Sabbath Destination.  There are a few copies of this booklet in the bookcase at the Church building in the foyer if you would like a hard copy.  This booklet is also available to read online here:  

I hope that by giving you some spoilers as to the contents of this booklet I am not going to cause you to not read it, but instead it will motivate you to read it for even more information.  One of the blessings of this booklet that makes it more than just teaching on the Sabbath is that it is actually a story told in a fictional setting of three Sunday class lessons.

The first week the Pastor shares about the ABC’s of the Sabbath and launches into week one:  Adam and eve were invited by God to enter into his rest, which he established after creation, but they failed to do so because of their disobedience.  God established Sabbath observance to point his people toward his eternal rest and later codified Sabbath observance in the Ten Commandments.

In the second week of this fictional class, the Pastor moved on to the idea of belief.  Belief that God would take his people into the land of rest spurred them to push on to Canaan.  However, they pulled back in unbelief at the border, not trusting God to enable them to take over the country.  The first generation died in the wilderness and thus didn’t reach the land that signified God’s rest.  

The final week of the fictional class in the booklet covers consummation.  Consummation has always been in view with the Sabbath.  The ultimate goal God intends for his people hasn’t been to occupy a piece of planet Earth.  It’s more than that; it’s living in the new heaven and earth.  Our Sabbath observance today points us to the eternal rest that God promises for his people.

May God bless your understanding of the Sabbath better as you read this short booklet, Your Sabbath Destination.