Why Christians Need Confessions, Part 11

This is the final weekly thought on Creeds and Confessions. I hope that you enjoyed a look at why we are a Confessional Church and why Creeds and Confessions are important for Christians. There is a lot more that you could read on the subject. I chose to try and take the thoughts of Samuel Miller, a professor from Princeton Seminary, who gave an address to the student body in 1824 entitled, The Utility and Importance of Creeds and Confessions. The word utility there meaning, “usefulness.”

In summary I will simply state in my own words Millers’ arguments or reasons why Christians need Confessions:

Without a Creed it is difficult for members and ministers of a particular Church or denomination to have unity.

Creeds and Confessions are necessary, because the Church is to be that place in all ages that contains the truth. Not only does the Church have truth, but she is to defend the truth and be a witness to the truth.

You’ve heard the phrase “truth in advertising.” By having a Creed, a Church shows truth and honestly and candidly declares what they believe to other Churches and to the world.

Creeds help us to study Christian doctrine and gain Christian knowledge.

History itself proves the necessity of Creeds and Confessions. Heresy was a problem in the early Church. Only by clearing stating her beliefs has the Church remained faithful to the Word of God and avoided error. Historically, those who have most adamantly opposed them have tended to be either heretics or had a low regard for God’s Word.

Even those who greatly oppose them use some sort of Creed or Confession in their own Church dealings.

The very moment another person asks you the question, “What do you believe?” and you begin to answer, you are giving them your Creed. I hope that many of you can join us for our study of Apologetics beginning this fall where we take a better look at what we believe, why we believe it, and how we can better share that truth with others.