Every single one of us struggles with idolatry in some way.  We try and fool ourselves by thinking that isn’t a problem with us because we don’t have some carved image or statue that we bow ourselves down to in acts of worship.  But we cannot look at the ten commandments in isolation from each other.  The first commandment about having, “no other gods before me,” goes with the second, “you shall not make for your yourself a carved image…You shall not bow down to them or serve them,” from Exodus 20:3-6. 

It is very difficult for us not to place people, places, or things above our devotion to God.  It is hard not to be prone to idol worship.  It could be with our jobs, our hobbies, or our families.  May God in His mercy give us the courage to examine our lives to see if there is anything that competes with our allegiance to Him.

I encourage you to take just two minutes and watch this short video that shows pretty clearly a false god in my own life that I worshipped:

Idol Worship: