Do we care more about each other’s comfort or about each other’s souls?

That is a difficult question to answer.  Most of the time we would answer, of course we care about the soul of our brother.  But in practice the opposite appears true.  Now in talking about the soul I am referring to your spiritual health.  Are we living in unrepentant sin?  Do we apply the things we learn from God’s Word as we should?  Are we striving to live consistent Christian lives?  

If you remember back to Sunday, I asked you to pray that God would help me to be honest with my sin this week and help me to deal with it and repent of it.  I also told you that I would pray the same for you.

That sounds uncomfortable to our ears.  Mainly because we are used to praying for each other’s comfort.  We pray for health concerns.  We pray for job and money concerns.  We pray for those items that would make life a lot more comfortable.  All good things to pray for.  We should not stop praying for these things.

But I wonder if I am the only one who neglects to pray like I should for the soul of my brother.  That I should pray more for his sins concerns.  Without leaving off the prayers for these other items, I should add to them prayers for faithfulness and repentance in the midst of trial and suffering.  I should pray for repentance and humility for us all.  I should pray for more faithfulness in our Christian lives as we seek to live out our faith daily.  I should pray that we could all obey God’s commands better.

In looking at the Ten Commandments again this past Wednesday night for our mid-week study I am reminded how much of life revolves around our obedience or disobedience to God’s moral law.  I should be praying for my brother that he loves God more.  And I should be praying that he loves his neighbor more.  Too often I am too generic and don’t move beyond that summary of the law of God.  I hope I can learn to be more specific in my prayers.

As you think of the Ten Commandments pray that I would obey each of them better.  Not just ,“love God and love my neighbor,” but actually take the time to look at each one and pray that I would obey them all better.  And I will do the same for you.  I will continue to pray for those other concerns we all face.  But if I have to be uncomfortable at times for God to continue to mold me into the image of his Son, then I would rather face that hardship and grow in Christ.  I hope you feel the same.