The 85th General Assembly of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church

As you read this it is only a couple of days before the beginning of our 85th General Assembly.  Founded in 1936, the OPC is only 82 years old. However, this will be the 85th time the entire denomination has gathered in an official capacity.

Please be in prayer over the next week as commissioners gather to do the work of the church.  It is important to pray for Teaching Elders and Ruling Elders as they gather in this manner and as the regional church in our presbytery meets four times a year.  Many of the men will be leaving early Monday morning in order to gather because we begin business Monday afternoon at 4PM.  That means I will be leaving the house by 3am on Monday.    

Some highlights for this year’s assembly:  We are meeting concurrently with the Synod of the United Reformed Churches in North America (URCNA).  We have worked with the URNCA for seven years on a Psalter-Hymnal that has just been published and will be used for the first time at the assembly.  

I am serving on the Christian Education advisory committee again this year.  I was on this committee last year and will enjoy another year of service there.  I was also asked this year to serve as clerk observer.  Basically that mean that Ross Graham, the stated clerk, asked me if I would work with the assistant clerk and learn the types of things he does.  The stated clerk has had a clerk observer for the last several years.  

We do have one judicial matter coming before the assembly this year.  These are always grave matters and matters for prayer.  We are sinful men who err, and the courts of the church are in place to promote repentance and at times resolve matters that may be be able to be resolved at a congregational or a presbytery level.  Many times it is with a heavy heart that we have to deal with these issues for the glory of God.  

I am very thankful for our congregation and the ability I have to serve our denomination each summer at our General Assembly.  Thank you for your prayers for me and the other commissioners.  Thank you for praying for my family in my absence.  I may be a little weary on June 17th, but this year I will not miss out on worshiping with my Church family.  I look forward to seeing you all this Sunday the 10th and when I return home and we gather for worship again on the 17th.  What a blessing it is to be a part of God’s family.