The Hand of Providence

I started to write the weekly thought for this week, and in the midst of writing changed my mind.  I was going to continue part 2 on the General Assembly about Home Missions.  As I started to reflect on new church plants around our country, I was reminded of how many churches do not have their own building.  Many congregations struggle to find a place to meet and to afford rent for less than ideal facilities that are not even available to hold an evening service.  In the midst of my reflection I thought of how blessed we are as a congregation to have three wonderful buildings and that God, in His Providence, preserved our place of worship this week.  

Let me share with you a brief story of the grace of God to our congregation in this past week.  After a wonderful time of worship and fellowship my family and I left the church building between 1:30-2:00 PM.  We returned around 5:30 to find water coming through the ceiling where we worship onto the pews and the floor.  The air conditioning unit had failed and water was coming through the ceiling.  

Immediately we started the clean up.  Those who were gathering for worship pitched in and we stopped the flow of water and began to clean up.  We called, and others came to bring a shop vac and we were able to take care of the urgent mess.  After about a thirty to forty minute delay we began our evening service and had a great time of worship together to end out the Lord’s Day.  

I want you to think of God’s Hand of Providence in all of this.  We were only absent from the building for a few hours when the A/C unit failed.  It could have been flooding the church all week long before someone was in the building later in the week.  God preserved our church by His mercy.  Praise God for the evening service!    

Yes, we had to replace a 31 year old air conditioner.  Yes, there have been a lot of logistics to attend to.  Yes, there was some minor damage, but praise God we don’t have to get creative in where to worship at on July 1st.  We don’t have to meet in the back room.  We don’t have to meet at the Manse.  We don’t have to meet outside.  We don’t have to rent a facility.  And we will still have air conditioning if the weather is hot (yes, I know, that is a first world luxury).  

I would like you to take a few minutes and pause to thank God for His grace, mercy, and providence.  We take things like a building for granted.  Some of our mission works would love to have a building, even with a leak in the ceiling.  And as you pray, don’t just thank God for the physical reality of a mere building.  But thank God for the “church,” the people who are a part of the congregation of Faith Bible Church.  We truly have a lot to be thankful for.