Reflections on the 85th General Assembly of the OPC, Part 3: Foreign Missions

On Thursday evening we had another joint session between the OPC and the URCNA.  Each evening would begin with a joint song service using the new Psalter-Hymnals and then we would move into the topic for the evening.  

When we deal with foreign missions it is important not to list names and places on the internet as we seek to protect those who may be serving in areas of the world where there is persecution of Christians.  This is one of the reasons if you look at the online bulletin that is sent out every Saturday you will never see the prayer page listed online.  Not only to protect our missionaries, but also personal names and prayer information doesn’t need to be listed on the internet for everyone to access.  

The Rev. Greg Bylsma introduced the URCNA foreign missionaries.  We heard reports from works in Mexico, a mission specializing in providing theological education, a missionary who is soon to be in Milan, Italy, and a mission work in Costa Rica.  Rev. Doug Clawson, the Associate Secretary of the Committee on Foreign Missions of the OPC prayed for the missionaries of the URCNA.  

Mr. Mark Bube, the General Secretary of the Committee on Foreign Missions of the OPC then spoke about the guiding principles regarding mission work in the OPC, and surveyed our current missions fields.  The OPC seeks to work among indigenous denominations in the countries in which we work.  One of our missionaries to Uganda also spoke, and Mr. Paul Murphy from the URCNA prayed for OPC missions.  

In taking a few minutes to reflect on General Assembly and ministries of our church, it is difficult to convey in a brief report what it is like to hear from missionaries around the world.  God is building His Church.  The Kingdom of God is expanding, and for that we do rejoice!  Some of the highlights for me at GA are the fraternal addresses from brothers of denominations with which we have fellowship, and also being blessed to hear from our missionaries and our church planters.  Whether it is right here in the United States, or in North America, or Africa or China, etc., the main focus of the church remains to make disciples, and that is being done.  

I encourage you to read the following article:  Making Disciples of All the Nations: A Plan for Reformed Foreign Missions.

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