The Beginning and the End.  

I want to spend a couple of weeks discussing worship.  By and large in our culture we have become more and more informal about worship.  At times we forget that worship is where we gather as a corporate body of Christ to worship God Almighty.  We enter into a dialogue with Him that is led by a minister of the Gospel.  That being said, that means all parts of the worship service are important.  Because the focus in worship is on God and not upon me, I can’t just only to pay attention or be present for the items I might consider more important that others.  Every part of worship serves a purpose and is not random.  

A couple of months ago I found an article that speaks of the importance of the beginning and the end of worship.  If I miss or I am not paying attention to the Salutation and Call to worship I am missing out on a greeting from the Lord and God’s very word that calls me to worship Him.  If I begin to think of other things or leave the service prior to the Benediction I have missed God’s blessing to me.  

Just as we would consider it rude if we were ignored while talking to another person, or even if they walked away from us as we were trying to talk to them, let us focus our attention more at the beginning and the end of our worship.  Let us not be rude to the Lord and dismiss His grace.  Let us truly gather together and give all of our attention to the Lord from the Salutation to the Benediction each time we gather together for worship on the Lord’s Day. 

I hope this article is as edifying to you as it was to me: