I need you!

As we continue to discuss worship, I want to spend a few minutes letting you know how vital you are to the ministry of the church and the preaching of God’s Word.  Please take a couple of minutes and read the following article and then come back to this weekly thought for some prayer requests I would like to share with you.  


I hope you enjoyed Dr. McGraw’s article.  The rest of this won’t make a lot of sense unless you read it.  I want to give you a couple of prayer requests for each of the sections that were mentioned.  


Please pray for me as I prepare messages to share with you and with others that the Lord brings to the church.  

Pray for me as I choose what portions of Scripture to share and how to best take a book like Hosea and figure out which verses to cover each week.  

Pray for the remainder of our time in the book of Hosea.

Pray for the messages on the incarnation of Christ in December.

Pray for me as I look ahead to the book of Hebrews that we will begin to study next year in the morning services.  

Pray for the evening messages as we wrap up our study of the topics in the Westminster Confession of Faith and move into the book of 1 Corinthians next year.  


Pray for the delivery of sermons.

Pray that members of FBC would prepare to hear God’s Word each week.  

Pray that we all would be doers and not hearers only (James 1:22).


Pray that we might all be able to invite others to come and sit under the preaching of the word.

Pray that more members of FBC would desire to attend both services on the Lord’s Day.

Pray for opportunities to discuss the sermon with others after the services on Sunday.  

God is pleased to use the foolishness of preaching to draw men to Himself and to strengthen us in our walk with Christ.  I need you to pray for me as your Pastor as I strive to humbly proclaim the truth of God’s Word.