Opportunities to Give Thanks

I don’t thank God as often as I should.  Whereas we ought to be the most thankful, optimistic people on the planet I think too often I let the daily struggles and frustrations get me down.  I want to learn to be a more thankful person.  One who gives praise more often than asks God for the things I need.  It is a blessing that God hears all of our prayers and He is patient with my asking, but I hope to get better at saying thank you.  

That is one of many reasons I like November.  More and more opportunities to be thankful.  Not only do we have the fourth Thursday set aside in our nation as a day of Thanksgiving, but we have many other opportunities to be thankful.  With that in mind I want to ask you to join me in giving thanks and also to take part in some of the many opportunities we have to worship, fellowship, and share together as a congregation.  

I am thankful for our new prayer meeting on Wednesday nights.  I hope many of you are taking some time on Wednesdays to pray for the Church.  Our congregation, like many others, has many needs.  May we continue to pray for one another and the continued ministry of our church.

I am thankful for our new Sunday School class.  Consider joining us this week as we study Matthew’s Gospel together.  It is a great place to simply learn and look at God’s Word and learn better how to read and to study it.  

I am thankful for times of fellowship like our monthly fellowship meal.  Consider planning ahead to stay with us after the morning service on the 18th as we share a meal together as God’s people.  It is great to get to know one another better through conversation over a shared meal.  This month we have a “Thanksgiving Theme,” of course.

I am thankful for our Denomination.  Each year as we consider the ministries of the OPC, I am so thankful for what God has done in my life over the past six years in being in this group of Christians.  We are not the only Christians and there are many faithful Christian denominations in our world, but the more I get to know brothers and sisters who are working together for Home Missions, Foreign Missions, and Christian Education across our denomination, I am blessed.  Consider how God might have you give toward our Thank Offering on the 18th.  

I am thankful for times of worship. To have two services each Lord’s Day with you, the body of Christ, is a blessing for me.  I tell people that I am living the dream on the Jersey Shore.  But the reality is, it is not the fact that it is the Jersey Shore but that I am with a wonderful group of believers in Christ who share a common faith and who share these times of worship.  If you don’t normally attend evening worship at 6PM I would like to encourage you and challenge you to take advantage of this time of blessing and Thanksgiving together.  I know I am blessed each time we worship.  

I am thankful for all of you.  This week marks four years since our family moved to New Jersey from Wyoming.  It has been a great blessing to get to know all of you and to fellowship and worship with you.  I hope that our bonds of love and friendship grow in the years to come as well.  

Let us give thanks to the Lord.  

1 Chronicles 16:34, “O give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; for his steadfast love endures forever.”