The Blessing of New Horizons

New Horizons is the monthly magazine put out by the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.  A physical copy is sent to every member family at their homes. If you are a member of FBC and are not receiving it, let me know and I’ll get you on the mailing list.  However, you don’t have to have the physical copy to read New Horizons.  It is available online at www.opc.organd also in digital format.  At the first of the month I prefer to download it on my kindle and then read through it a few articles at a time throughout the month.

I enjoy New Horizons, not only for the information about our denomination and what God is doing in other places, but I enjoy the knowledge that church is more than just what happens in New Jersey.  Each month I get to read of what God is doing with our missionaries and home missions and a variety of other things.  I have been blessed by the book reviews and have put some of the reviewed material on my own reading list.

Today I just want to give two examples of how I was blessed by the January issue of New Horizons.  I finished it just the other day and I was struck again at how useful and beneficial it was to me.  I finished reading it encouraged in my faith and able to pray for our church better and others as well.

Scott Pearce from Hackettstown, NJ wrote an article titled, “A Christian Response to Disaster”.  I enjoyed reading how Deacon Pearce spoke of volunteers being a tangible expression of the love of Jesus Christ. He stated how over five hundred men and women from churches all over the United States have endeavored to live out a Christian response to six major disasters since 2011.  I know some of you have personally benefitted from those volunteers after hurricane Sandy.

The other article I wanted to share was about Home Missions and how congregations are reaching out in their communities.  Not every church has to have a ministry going door to door or a campus ministry, but we can all get better at reaching out to others with the hope of Christ.

The article states, “Perhaps you don’t feel comfortable knocking on a stranger’s door or speaking to students on a university campus.  Can you love your neighbor and be a witness in other ways?  The obvious answer is yes!  And, according to Holda, you not only can, but should.  “Many of our members are having ongoing interactions with unbelievers or the unchurched as they go about their everyday labors. The Lord gives opportunities in every context.” Holda said.  “There are a lot of lonely, hurting people in the world.”  If you’re not sure where to begin, Holda continued, one of the best ways to love and serve neighbors is just by being a person who is willing to listen and commend Christ in a simple way.”

Bob Holda is Pastor of Resurrection Presbyterian Church in Oshkosh, WI.

I hope you check out this month’s issue of New Horizons and are blessed as I am as I read what God is doing.  I pray that God uses this resource to encourage you in the faith.