Of Politics and Morality

Everybody has an opinion when it comes to politics and religion.  In fact, it used to be said that one should never discuss those issues because of the division they tend to produce.  But the real division is not really between political parties or differences of opinion, no, the real dividing line is between those who believe that God’s Word is the ultimate authority for all things, and those who do not believe this fact.

In this instance, I won’t even use that Christian versus non-Christian argument, for even those who claim to follow Christ differ on all sorts of issues of politics and religion.

Do we consider God’s Word to be our ultimate authority?  Does God’s Word determine for us the roles of the individual, the household, the church, and the State?  If so, then regarding any issue that comes before our eyes, we consider what the Word of God says first.  That makes us “Biblicists.”  John 1:1, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.”

Political solutions are not all they are cracked up to be.  And sometimes the cure can be worse than the disease.

I hope, as a Biblicist that you are distraught that political bodies today are advocating infanticide.  But I also hope you are as equally concerned that the killing of unborn children has been legal in our nation for over a generation now with millions slaughtered.

I hope, as a Biblicist, that you denounce all forms of racism.  But I also hope that you are as equally concerned over immoral actions taken today just as you are concerning those committed decades ago.

I hope, as a Biblicist, that you view civil government’s main functions to be to punish evildoers and to protect the innocent amongst its citizens.  But I also hope that you are as equally concerned for the stranger and the alien among you, and the widow and orphan.

Christians were those who promoted hospitals and orphanages and caring for those in need. Today we have somehow either ignored Scripture that tells us as individuals to love our neighbors as we love ourselves, and instead we think that civil government should be in the business of loving my neighbor for me.

Issues of healthcare, and life, and border security, and compassion, and a host of other issues we see paraded before us are important and they can be complex.  But we can remove a lot of the complexity if we go back to the Word of God and seek to view things from a Biblical perspective. Amen?

Salvation is not found in the governments of man, but in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Let us pray that the moral bankruptcy of our nation causes more and more people to be open to the good news of Jesus Christ, as God builds His kingdom by drawing men to Himself.  And may we see a unity that comes from Christ, instead of putting our hope and our trust for peace in the kingdoms of man.