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Giving as a Part of Worship

Giving as a Part of Worship

One final thought on worship this week. In the June New Horizons magazine there was a great article by Roger W. Schmurr entitled, “Is It Biblical to Tithe Online?”  The author makes the case for Tithes and Offerings to be collected within the worship service, instead of online.  With computers making most everything automated today, I myself don’t use checks all that much.  However, in giving, I am blessed to write out a check or set aside cash to benefit the ministry of the Church, which in turn reminds me that God provides everything I have.      Continue reading “Giving as a Part of Worship”

Eating and Drinking Judgement


Todd Smith | Faith Bible Church, OPC

Out Of Egypt I Called My Son


Todd Smith | Faith Bible Church, OPC


FBC Bulletin 081218

I Need You!

I need you!

As we continue to discuss worship, I want to spend a few minutes letting you know how vital you are to the ministry of the church and the preaching of God’s Word.  Please take a couple of minutes and read the following article and then come back to this weekly thought for some prayer requests I would like to share with you.

Continue reading “I Need You!”

Visible Elements, Spiritual Realities


Plowing Iniquity, Reaping Injustice



FBC Bulletin 080518

The Beginning and the End

The Beginning and the End.  

I want to spend a couple of weeks discussing worship.  By and large in our culture we have become more and more informal about worship. Continue reading “The Beginning and the End”

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