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What Make a Holiday OR What Makes a day Holy?

What Makes a Holiday OR What Makes a day Holy?

I don’t know why I am surprised each year that the last two months seem to race along at breakneck speed.  We come to this time of year that we commonly call the holiday season.  Once fall hits the race toward Thanksgiving, Christmas and then the New Year seem to be quicker to me than many other times of the year.   Continue reading “What Make a Holiday OR What Makes a day Holy?”

Opportunities to Give Thanks

Opportunities to Give Thanks

I don’t thank God as often as I should.  Whereas we ought to be the most thankful, optimistic people on the planet I think too often I let the daily struggles and frustrations get me down.  I want to learn to be a more thankful person.  One who gives praise more often than asks God for the things I need.  It is a blessing that God hears all of our prayers and He is patient with my asking, but I hope to get better at saying thank you.   Continue reading “Opportunities to Give Thanks”

Where Now Is Your King?

Where Now is Your King?

This week in our study of Hosea we come to the section of chapter 13 where is speaks of kings and rulers.  We have looked at this before in our study, and we have seen how leaders led the people away from a true worship of God.   Continue reading “Where Now Is Your King?”

Beza and Knox

Beza and Knox

The final two reformers on the Reformation Wall in Geneva are Theodore Beza (1519-1605), and John Knox (1513-1572).  There are many others who represented the Protestant Reformation that are interesting to study as well.  Each week this month I have been suggesting resources that you might find helpful in your study of the Reformation.  Today I want to share, Reformation Heroes by Diane Kleyne and Joel R. Beeke.  This book has several short chapters on reformers and is a great overview of the reformation and it is an easy read.  We have read this book with our children and enjoyed it a lot.  Continue reading “Beza and Knox”

Farel and Calvin

Farel and Calvin

In Geneva, Switzerland there is a wall with four reformers of the Protestant Reformation in the center.  It is called the International Monument to the Reformation or simply Reformation Wall.  These four men are: William Farel (1489-1565), John Calvin (1509-1564), Theodore Beza (1519-1605), and John Knox (1513-1572).  Today I want to share with you a little bit of the history of Farel and Calvin.  Next week, on the last Friday of October, I will discuss Beza and Knox.   Of course, there were many others who influenced the Protestant Reformation for good or for ill so take opportunities to learn more about the history of the church.   Continue reading “Farel and Calvin”

Semper Reformada

Semper Reformada

Semper Reformada is a latin phrase that means, “always reforming.”  W. Robert Godfrey in an article at Ligonier writes, “The phrase ecclesia reformata, semper reformanda (the church reformed, always reforming) has been used so often as to make it a motto or slogan. People have used it to support a surprising array of theological and ecclesiastical programs and purposes. Scholars have traced its origins to a devotional book written by Jodocus van Lodenstein in 1674.” Continue reading “Semper Reformada”

Reformation Day

Reformation Day

October 31, 2018 marks the 501st anniversary of Martin Luther nailing his 95 Theses to the Wittenburg Church door in Germany.  This event is remembered as the beginning of the Protestant Reformation.  One of the ways that we as a congregation have tried to celebrate the Reformation each October is by having a German theme for our fellowship meal.  We have enjoyed some great fellowship and creativity as we all try out a few (new to us) German recipes.  We have also had the October fellowship meal at the Manse for the past several years.  Our family is very blessed to be loved so much by our Church family and we enjoy extending hospitality to you in this way.   Continue reading “Reformation Day”

The Return of the Old Fashioned Prayer Meeting

The Return of the Old Fashioned Prayer Meeting

I am calling our new prayer meeting an Old Fashioned Prayer Meeting because I do want to instill something of the past rather than what often happens in prayer meetings today.  Many times prayer meetings are more about fellowship than they are about prayer.  There are discussions about prayer and what to pray for for the majority of the time and then just a little bit of time reserved at the end for the actual praying.  Unfortunately, sometimes that can lead us to gossip rather than true prayer.  So here are a few thoughts as we look forward to our new prayer meeting beginning Wednesday, October 3rd at 7PM at the Manse.  Continue reading “The Return of the Old Fashioned Prayer Meeting”

A Call to Prayer

A Call to Prayer

I have a list of prayer requests I want to share with you for the weekly thought this week.   Continue reading “A Call to Prayer”

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